The Blinders: Swine, Jimmy’s Manchester – Feb 24th 2017


You know I get really excited about new bands pushing the boundaries as The Blinders are doing at the moment. So just a few words about my favourite band. They played the basement at Jimmy’s last night and apart from a nearly absent front man, the gig went off like a bomb. From the opening strains of the former Pig Fuck to the closing Brutus, it was loud and wild.

They hammer out gut wrenching, visceral punkadelic punk with slap back delay guitar, drill like drumming and a Wobble style bass underpinning it all. It’s fucking mayhem at their gigs these days with the mosh pit getting so big it now involves most of the crowd! Quite how photographer Paul Husband managed to stay upright is beyond me, but he did and I’ll post some up of the pics in the Louder Than War review later.

When I first heard them upstairs at the King’s Arms in Salford last April they were good, but they’ve got better and better as the year has gone by. Take a look at the new Pig Fuck – Swine! It’s now got a Wonka mid section, and if you don’t know what I mean by that, go and look it up! Fuller review to come on LTW. In the meantime, get on this!

The Blinders are on Facebook and Twitter – their latest EP Swine/Ramona Flowers is only available at the gigs.
They are back at Jimmy’s tonight with Types and Cavana!
All words by Nigel Carr. You can find Nigel on Twitter and Facebook and his own Website. All photographs are © by Paul Husband whose website is here: Paul Husband Photography, Twitter and Facebook


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